Pre Conditions

Disclosure advice on the topic of Pre-conditions to a deeper relationship

If you know you want your prospective partner to quit smoking, become monogamous, participate in your specific and unusual sexual prediliction, or move in with you within 6 months, these conditions are important to advance early in your relationship. It is important that you offer your partner the chance to decide if they are wasting their time with you because you (might) have requirements they feel unable or unwilling to meet. It is also important to not over-state these conditions. Nearly everyone who has been in the dating world has likes and dislikes when it comes to potential romantic partners. This category is only meant to address those conditions that have not already become clear and are truely inflexible and absolutely necessary- in short, they are "deal-breakers".

Of the four disclosures, these are often the hardest to find and are potentially the most difficult to address. If you have relationship history, looking back on lessons learned is often a better way of discovering these pre-conditions. Some people have none, some have very few, and some have dozens. If you are close to any of your former lovers, this is often a question that they already know the answer if you are willing to ask it.

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