Why is Sharing So Important

Modern industrial culture has been based on a number of assumptions which are becoming untrue:

1) That there will be plentiful, relatively inexpensive cheap petroleum
2) That most of the resources of the world can be used to maintain a high standard of living in the US, West Europe and Japan.
3) That corporations which are not growing in sales regularly are poor investments.

It is unclear at what rate these assumptions are changing. The recent dramatic swing in oil prices, from as high as $148/bbl to the current price of $66/bbl within a few months has proven that while the age of consistently cheap oil is definitely over, we dont really know much about what the near term cost of oil will be. And we know that peak oil is coming and it will structurally change the availability of petroleum and it's price AND this could take a decade to happen or longer.

We know the demographics of world wealth are changing. China and India both with rapidly growing GDP and huge populations will be taking their share of the global resources (graph needed).

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