How can i help Sharing is Daring

What we are starting here with is discussion and ideas, with a near term of goal of creating a demo system (which requires software engineers of hackers).

What you can do is think about the answers to the following questions which will determine if the project succeeds.

How can internet augmented sharing provide real services to people?

This issue is complicated by both cultural and legal obstacles. Car shares for example are likely not a good first choice for a demonstration system, because of insurance problems and a high chance that someone who shares a car will drop out at the first mishap with it - it is a bureaucratic and brittle relations1. Clothes sharing on the other hand is just some menus and a social networking host (like Facebook or MySpace) and some phone calls away. And you could be organizing pot luck clothing exchanges.

What is the ranking of possible sharing services?

What kind of sharing agreements should we be trying to build as the default?

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