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Dearest Jorg Haak:

I wanted to review the history of your grant application to Earth Friends in Bulgaria in an effort to clear the way for further support from your foundation. When we first applled to you in 2006 we stated that we did not believe we could provide audited reports of our activities as is generally required by your foundation. Under these conditions we were granted 20,000 Euros for work on alternative energy and campaigning to block proposed reactors in Bulgaria.

In early 2008, i met with you and you requested again that we provide audited reports, which i thought, incorrectly at this time would be available to us. I said that we would try to produce them and I returned and investigated this possibility. It turns out that in Bulgaria there are accounting regulations which require auditors to report their finds ot the state. There is also a law in Bulgaria that non-governmental organization can not recieve more than 45% of their funding from sources outside the country, at risk of being legally disbanded. Sadly, Earth Friends falls into this catagory. We have steadily been increasing the amount of domestic contributions we recieve, but we are still well short of the threashold needed to make us operate legally within the country. Thus if we were to satisfy your reporting requirement would ultimately result in us loosing our ability to operate.

We value Maple Bark as a supporter of our work and what we would like to propose is that we use another western support of us as the auditor, which is not obligated to this national reporting requirement. Thus we would work throught the Himlick Borg Foundation to perform a comprehensive enough audit to satisfy your auditing needs.

Because we are quite certain that our communication are being monitored. We are working thru this intermediary who's communciation is not being monitored, because they are not reading their messages from within Bulgaria.

Paxus Calta
Development Consultant
Earth Friends
Sophia Bulgaria

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