Basic Idea

The creation of this sharing is daring website is viewed as an iterative process. Our best guess is the first application might be as a facebook application. Here we are going to try some ideas and rant wildly.

What Sharing Is Daring (at ultimately) might look like is: A volunteer staffed social networking service which helps foster sharing between individuals. Sharing is Daring (SiD) rests on top of existing social networks (like Facebook and MySpace) using their data about who trusted friends are. Software and volunteers help new members set up 1) an offer list, 2) a wish list and 3) an appreciation portfolio.

Offer Lists include the things the member is willing to share and are tagged with what kind of sharing agreement would work best (like fill the tank with gas when you return the car, etc). Wish Lists identify what you are seeking and should be sufficiently diverse so that some are accessible to many people. An Appreciation Portfolio is a wide collection of ways that the authoring contributor would like to be appreciated. SiD staff works with members to be generous but not reckless and to be complete. Combined software and human analytical skills will make suggestions to members for possible shares and agreements. The shared friends of members who dont know each other will be asked to vouch for the likely success of a sharing arrangement between the two people they know. SiD staff will also use appreciation portfolios to reward/appreciate generous members. SiD will offer advertising funded insurance for some sharing services.

Additionally,a propaganda project designed to producing small format handbooks (fingerbooks) on how to share various different things (cars, clothes, food, housing, etc - one fingerbook per category), similar information would be available online, including the capacity for the use/member community to add their experiences and recommendations.

The easiest way to start this project is thru the use of a Facebook application. Ease of use is another consideration, preformed pull down menus, with the options for editing the details if needed. Another start up considerations include where to focus work first (sharing is typically geographically bound) and what items to focus on - especially things which have low chances of being damaged during use.

[This text is drawn from Plan 9 - a collections of radical memetic projects designed to change the world. For more information about or a copy of Plan 9 please write Paxus.]

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