Welcome to Sharing is Daring

The idea is simple

The world is changing. Climate change and peak oil are going to require humanity to use resources far more efficiently than anytime in our memory. We don't want to give up anymore of lifestyle than we have to. The only real option is to share much more than we do.

The good news is that 95% of the material goods that most people own are idle 95% of the time (okay i just made up these number but i think they are something like right).

What prevents us from sharing ?

First, it is a lack of culture which promotes sharing and the agreements which make sharing comfortable and safe.
Second, is the bad experience we have had or someone we know has had around sharing something which was valuable or important to them and it did not come back or it was damaged or misused.
Third, there is a multi-billion dollar advertising industry which is working feverishly to convince us that we all need to own our very own just about everything.

What is SharingIsDaring.wikidot.com (and soon to be SharingIsDaring.com)?

This is a website with two purposes:
1) is to discuss and develop ideas which help craft an internet based sharing system
2) builds prototypes of free online sharing systems

Please come in and start playing around with this wiki, which with a bit of luck will change the world.

So what is the basic idea?
Why is sharing so important?
How can i help?

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